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Translation Services

These are translation services that some ICSA members have used and can recommend. Be sure to get all Chinese text in an electronic document (such as Word or Google doc) to allow you to easily use it later if you need it.

Image by Hanson Lu

More Resources

Region-Specific Search Projects

Roots of Love   originally focused on searching in Chongqing Municipality, but now China-wide

Nanchang Project   originally focused on searching in Jiangxi Province, but now China-wide

Other Resources

Searching for Your Chinese Birth Family by Wesley O. Hagood, 2021. Gives very detailed and thorough instructions on steps to try when searching for Chinese birth family, including mapping out family trees from DNA matches. Whether you're just getting started on a search or have hit a plateau, the book will give you new ideas to try, especially from the final chapter detailing the successful search for daughter Mia's birth family.

Facebook Groups a comprehensive list of all the groups focused on searching and specific provinces and orphanages.

wes hagood searching for your chinese family book cover.jpg

Searching Resources from China’s Children International

DNA Painter predicted relationships based on shared DNA

Baidu Maps China's Google Maps equivalent. Use street view to explore your home town! Search by Chinese characters for best results.

Image by Qingbao Meng

Reunion Stories & Adoptee Voices

Join groups, follow adoptees, and watch, listen, and read their stories.

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