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Birth Parents Searching for Children

Search the ICSA database of birth families in China who are searching for children they relinquished. 

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Nanchang Project

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  • It’s much easier to view the database on a desktop or laptop computer. You can sort and filter the table by any of the columns, such as birth year.

  • To expand a record, either click on it (mobile), or hover over it and click the blue double arrow (desktop/laptop). 

  • The person listed in the last column, WhoToContact, has more detailed information. If a Chinese phone number is listed, you may be able to search on WeChat by the phone number. Otherwise, you will most likely need a Chinese speaker to make the call for you. If you don’t get a response, try the poster manager below for the province the family is from, or you can contact us at

  • You can find a simple lunar-Gregorian date converter here.

Submitting Additional Birth Parents

To add new families, download the ICSA Birth Parents Collection Form/亲生父母报名表格. Complete it and send it to the poster manager below for the province the birth family is from. You may also email it to us at Please include province name in the subject line.

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