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Important note: Every search is different. The steps of searching are not a one size fits all. We encourage you to use our website as a resource but to do your own research about organizations referenced to be certain they fit with your search and philosophies.

Are you ready to search?

Some Suggested Steps

  • MOST IMPORTANT! Keep a record of everything you do - names, contacts, DNA uploads, etc. Something that does not seem important now may be an critical clue in the future.

  • DNA testing is crucial to a successful search. Many recent matches have happened only through DNA matching. Do two DNA tests if you can – one autosomal/SNP (23and Me, uploaded to GEDmatch) and one CODIS/paternity, and upload results from both to as many databases as possible. See all DNA details here. Even if you come across your birth family with your own search, you’ll have to do a DNA test to confirm it, so you might as well get started! :)

  • Join birth parent search Facebook groups, as well as groups for your own province and orphanage. Connect with others adopted from the same orphanage and timeframe. Compare information, photos, and details.


  • Consider ordering your Finding Ad (for those born 1999 or later) and a Birth Parent Search Analysis from Research-China. The Birth Parent Search Analysis will give you information on the finding patterns of your orphanage and additional information from the time you were born and relinquished, which may help you search more effectively.


  • Gather all your adoption paperwork and have it re-translated by a Chinese speaker. Keep in mind that the information in your documents may not be accurate, such as finding place, dates, who found you. You can find information about translators on our Resources page.


  • Download and start using WeChat, the most common messaging app in China. Add friends to your WeChat contact list, and practice sending messages, videos, and using WeChat Moments. Also join a WeChat birth parent searching group for your province. Check our how-to guides for help.



  • If you decide to go public with your search, try contacting newspapers in your city to see if you can interest them in publicizing your story. Here is a list of some of the major newspapers (in Dutch, use Chrome to translate).  

Join a Search Project!

These are search projects that are doing great things!

  • The Roots of Love: originally focused on searching in Chongqing Municipality, but now China-wide

  • Nanchang Project: originally focused on searching in Jiangxi Province, but now China-wide

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