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Individual Search Posters

Create your own search poster to share on Chinese social media and with Chinese contacts. You can also print it as a flyer or postcard to hand out during in-person search trips.

Sample Posters

Click to enlarge.

What to put on your poster...

A title to let people know you are searching, such as:

请帮我寻找亲生父母 (Please help me find my biological parents)

美国女孩XX寻亲 (American girl looking for relatives in XX)

At least two photos, one of you as a baby and a current photo. If you add additional photos, identify your age in each of the photos so that it's clear that all the photos are of you. Sometimes people in China have thought that the adult adoptee was looking for her own baby.

The following info:

  • birth date (or range)

  • finding date

  • finding location

  • name of orphanage

  • any other information specific to your circumstances


How to contact you:

  • Include your WeChat QR code and your custom WeChat ID (not the generic one initially assigned – see instructions). Include other methods such as QQ or email. 


You can also include if you want:


Also include this statement 'Please contact me for a free DNA test' (info on how to get a free test for birth parents is here):


Keep your poster simple and easy to read!

If you want someone to make the poster for you...

Jack 罗兴 from Jiangxi makes search posters. You tell him what you want on it - text, pictures, contact info, etc. - and he will translate and design the poster. He charges $25 per poster. You pay through PayPal.

Jack's WeChat ID is Lx408250959, or scan his QR code in WeChat to add him:

Jack WeChat QR code.jpg
Carrie Wu

Carrie Wu is a bilingual professional who is interested in getting more involved in assisting Chinese adoptees with their searches. Carrie grew up in Jiangxi, China and attended college in the US. Posters are $45 (translation excluded) or $75 with translation. You will get both a horizontal and vertical poster in jpg or png format.


Check out her resume below, and contact her

Carrie Wu resume

If you want to make your own...

ICSA poster template (3).jpg

Use this template, or design your own using Word, Google Docs, Google Slides, or a graphics program.


Have a fluent Chinese speaker help you with translation; Google translate isn't always accurate. If needed, you can find translators for hire on our Resources page.


When finished, save your poster both as a pdf and jpg. Most of the time, you will use the jpg to share, but the pdf is better for printing flyers or postcards.

If you are on a province poster, a simple way to create a poster is to copy your text from your listing, like the one below. This also includes the customized WeChat ID instead of the QR code so that it can be shared on Toutiao.

Some ideas for sharing...

  • Share on WeChat Moments and in your WeChat groups.

  • Ask your friends to share the poster in their friends circle. You can use this text: 
    您的每一次转帖,对我们而言都是莫大的帮助。 (Every time you repost, it is a great help to us.)

  • Share on WeiboToutiao, Kauishou, and other Chinese social media.

  • Print postcards or business cards through VistaPrint if you're traveling to China.

  • If you contact relatives through 23mofang, include a jpg of your poster with your message since 23mofang allows you to do that.

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