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DNA Matching for Birth Parents

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT: MyTaproot will be closing May 31, 2022. Please ignore any instructions about doing a CODIS DNA test and uploading to MyTaproot until we have time to make the corrections to our website. Focus for now on autosomal testing through DNAConnect, Nanchang Project, or Chongqing Roots of Love with results uploaded to Gedmatch. Thank you.


Please convince ALL birth parents who come forward to do a DNA test! If they are not your match, they could match another adoptee, and it would be very sad for them to lose the chance to find one another. There have been many matches now that happened only through DNA.

There are two options for DNA testing. Both options are FREE to the birth family and available anywhere in China. While the CODIS test is easier since it’s most commonly available in China, it will only match parent to child. An autosomal test provides matches to siblings, cousins and beyond and casts a much wider net.

Download a pdf of the following guide here.

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ADOPTEE does an autosomal DNA test as offered through 23andMe, with the results uploaded to Gedmatch.


BIRTH PARENT does an autosomal test by contacting DNAConnect. They will collect and process autosomal DNA for FREE for any birth family that is located anywhere in China. 

Contact DNAConnect


Download Chinese DNAConnect flier

BRIAN STUY (English-speaking)


Phone: +1-801-766-1736


LAN STUY (说中文/English)

WeChat ID: LannieGirl


Please note that DNAConnect normally charges to release birth parent contact information to adoptees – $50 if you make a donation before a match and $299 if made after a match. However, if you provide contact information for a birth family in China, any future match to you through DNAConnect will also be free of fees to you.  

If you’re traveling to China for a search trip, you can also take test kits with you, either FamilyTree DNA or 23andMe. Although 23andMe has the greatest number of adoptees in it, they don’t sell tests in China; however many families still use 23andMe kits for birth parent DNA and upload the kits themselves.


ADOPTEE registers with MyTaproot and uploads a CODIS DNA test from LabCorp or other CODIS testing service.

BIRTH PARENT does a CODIS test in China paid for by the Nanchang Project/Chongqing Roots of Love. Results will be uploaded to Haiwaixunzi, which is the Chinese side of MyTaproot. These FREE tests are being offered for potential birth parents anywhere in China. 


Contact the Nanchang Project and explain that you have a birth parent who wants a DNA test and ask for them to pay for the test. They will send the money to the lab in the birth parent's name. Here are instructions to share with Chinese-speakers.

Contact Nanchang Project


Download Chinese Nanchang Project flier

ERIN VALENTINO (English-speaking)


WeChat ID: ErinValentino

SHI LAI YUN ZHUAN (说中文/Chinese-speaking)

Mobile phone: +86-15105812340

WeChat ID: ccaihangzhou

If you test a birth family, it is very important that you or your searcher commit to remaining in touch so that contact information can be provided to an adoptee down the road. Please also add the birth family's information and photos to the ICSA birth parent database.