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Province Search Posters

We create posters for each province of adoptees who are looking for birth relatives. Shared widely on Chinese social media, the posters raise awareness that international adoptees are searching and encourage birth parents to do a DNA test. Our current posters have tens of thousands of views on Chinese social media. We update posters two or three times a year.

NEW Special Edition Poster!

Twins & Bio Siblings!

Contact Minke to be added @ or WeChat minkeengbers97

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Want to join a group search poster?


To join a poster for your province...

Open a WeChat account (REQUIRED). This is your primary way to communicate with potential birth relatives. You'll need to check your account regularly and respond to people who contact you.

Contact the poster administrator for your province by scanning their WeChat code below or emailing them.

We strongly encourage everyone searching to get their DNA into GEDmatch (SNP/autosomal) and the various STR (CODIS/paternity) databases. Learn more about DNA testing here.

While group posters are an easy way to start an active search, we encourage you to learn about all aspects of searching. It's a commitment timewise and emotionally, and a group poster is only a small portion of the search.

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ICSA QR codes Poster Owners (1)_Page_3.jpg
ICSA QR codes Poster Owners (1)_Page_4.jpg
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What You'll Need

First contact the poster administrator for your province to find out specifically what to provide and how to provide it. In general, you’ll be asked to supply the following:

  1. Your name as you’d like it listed on the poster. Some are using current name plus Chinese characters, or just one or the other, but it’s up to you!

  2. Three images:

    • one current photo

    • one baby photo (or as young as possible)

    • your WeChat QR code

  3. The following info, in Chinese if possible. You can send the Chinese copy of your abandonment certificate if necessary, and we can copy it from there.

    • birth date (or range)

    • finding date

    • finding location

    • name of orphanage

  4. Customized WeChat ID (not the generic one initially assigned – see instructions).

  5. Your poster administrator may also request:

Please note that you must be on WeChat and respond when we send you an invite for your search group, or we can’t add you to the poster. Also the poster is distributed widely on Chinese social media and can possibly end up in Chinese print and broadcast media, so you need to be ok with that.

Finally, we strongly encourage everyone on the poster to be DNA tested, both SNP/autosomal (23andMe and also upload results to GEDMatch) and STR uploaded to several available databases. SNP tests offer the most family matches beyond just parents, but doing both tests covers the most bases. See our detailed DNA guide for more information.

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